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Shopping for a Home Loan American Style

In America, with the Truth in Lending disclosure in place, shopping for a mortgage has become a simplified process. With the ammunition of detailed disclosure, shopping for a mortgage can ensure the best loan option for any American.

For starters, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) APR outlines an exceptional basis for comparing credit charges and fees for a consumer. Nevertheless, the loan analysis should never be limited to the APR because there are innumerous costs that are not included in the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation that should be compared in making the best mortgage loan decision.
Alternatively, certain charges are paid directly to the lending institution or lender. The following fees and charges should be compared when making a final mortgage loan decision:

An application fee
ı Documentation fee
ı Funding fee

Moreover, certain lending institutions commission third parties to perform other loan services. They include the following fees: appraisal fee and title search fee. Because the fees for the varying services can differ from lender to lender, the charges should be used in making a mortgage loan financing decision.

Two more terms that are delineated on ıThe Truth in Lendingı disclosures include: the amount financed and total of payments. To accurately calculate the value of a mortgage loan, the amount financed should be compared with the loan amount. Additionally, the amount financed is a combination of the loan amount and any additional fees financed by the borrower.
Consumer Mortgage Loan Tip: A lender is required to detail an itemization of the total amount financed.

The definition of the total of payments is the sum of the amount financed combined with the finance charge. It is the amount a homeowner will have to remit after all scheduled principal and interest loan payments have been made. In general with a fixed rate loan, the calculation is basically straightforward. However, with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), interest rates and payments may adjust and vary throughout the term of the mortgage loan.
Consumer Mortgage Loan Tip: Request for a defined analysis of the payments on an ARM loan; specifically in regard to the interest rate during time the loan is completed.