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Unfortunately, too many consumers believe that it’s actually necessary to have a one-hundred percent perfect credit ratting to qualify for mortgage financing but in reality, that perception is pretty far from the truth. In many instances, mortgage shoppers are presumed to be seeking a loan specifically because they’ve had or are having credit difficulties. For example, those seeking the funds to pay-off or pay-down pre-existing debts may find that consolidation mortgage-loans can actually represent the best of a fairly limited number of comparable options. Those seeking equity mortgages will similarly find that despite the pitfalls involved, they are much more easily come by than first-time-mortgages, even if your credit has more than a couple of marks against it. And in general, owing to the nature of the limited risk incurred by home-mortgage lenders in financing the purchase of a “fixed asset” such as a home or condominium—it’s far easier for consumers burdened with a not-so-positive credit report to be approved for a variety of mortgage-loan types than it would for that same consumer to find an agreeable lender for even a relatively inexpensive car loan. So, from this page, we’ll try to take you through a few brief summaries of what you can expect from the home loan approval process if you have strikes against your credit rating, provide a few warnings as to the sub-prime lending institutions and predatory credit repair agencies you’ll want to avoid, give you some valuable insight as to how and by whom your credit score has actually been compiled and at least a few tips as to how you can best go about improving your credit scores besides.

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