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Credit History – The Focus of Home Loan Approval

After you agree to meet with a prospective loan officer to qualify for the loan application process, what are your expectations? For most mortgage consumers, the ideal home loan is one that is fixed, carries a low interest rate married to reasonably few limitations and restrictions. While, most Americans have their specific extenuating loan financing situations, there are some basic mortgage rules to abide by to avoid the blunders in home loan financing:

During the months preceding your loan application approval, remit any credit card payments and loan debt installments in a timely fashion. Note that every thirty, sixty and ninety day delinquencies in debt payments can drastically reduce your credit worthiness. Your credit rating can determine thy type of loan you will qualify for your mortgage.

If you must prioritize which bills are paid first, pay your rent or mortgage first. Next, make any payments on vehicles or installment loans and then follow those up with any credit card payments that have come due. The reason for remitting your bills in the above noted sequence is due in part to the way credit scoring systems evaluate your payment history. Credit scores review the performance of similar loans first. Moreover, it will carry the most weight to the performance of approving a home mortgage.

For instance, the way a consumer pays their vehicle loan is an indicator of how the borrower may pay back their mortgage. The performance of measured because it is verisimilar to a mortgage loan, installment payments because both are fixed rates and payments the way many mortgages are paid. Next, credit rating will assess the payment performance of the ‘revolving’ loans, (credit cards) that feature variable payments that fluctuate based on the outstanding balance.