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Your Credit, Your Debt and Home Loans

Credits scores are based on a variety personal finance criteria: income, debt, and payment history. All considerations are taken into effect and not limited to any particular category of data. Contingent upon a consumer’s specific situation, various personally finance issues outweigh others. As credit information is modified, the relevancy of other factors is used to determine a mortgage shopper’s score.

It's difficult to precisely define the how the strength of one area of importance compared to other issues. Not any aspect of personal finances: (credit history, income, debt-load) will calculate and determine a person’s score. Each factor of a borrower’s overall information is compiled and included in the credit report. Moreover, lenders will review the following elements of a homeowner’s financial history:

• Income

• Length of employment at present job

• The requested credit type

All the above criteria is analyzed in both a positive and negative perspective of a credit report. For instance, late payments may lower the credit or FICO. As a result, maintaining a good track-record in debt, bills, and loan payments can raise a credit rating. Moreover, any recently opened accounts are assessed and used in another deliberation of mortgage lenders.

During the loan approval process, lenders also will evaluate how a consumer has maintained the re-establishment of positive credit history proceeding previous payment problems along with the types of credit utilized. Essentially, mortgage financial institutions base the loan approval process on the fundamentals of a consumer’s credit report:

• Payment History

• Amounts Owed

• Length of Credit History

• New Credit

• Types of Credit Used

Prior to applying for a home loan, obtain a copy of your credit report from one of the three credit bureaus:

• Equifax

• Experian (formerly TRW)

• TransUnion