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The Good Faith Estimate Aspect of the Loan Application Process

For most homebuyers, a mortgage payment is the most critical financial decision a person will ever make. Aside from choosing a fifteen or thirty year mortgage loan, there are very important evaluations that should be considered. Making a correct or incorrect decision when signing a loan or Good Faith Estimate can be the difference in save thousand of dollars in interest paid.

The Good Faith Estimate is verisimilar to a fairy mortgage approval. Specific information is detailed to delineate the cost of obtaining a loan:

APR The annual percentage rate or APR is an ideal way to compare mortgage lenders loans equivocally. The APR demarcates the cost of credit on a yearly rate, as well as, any additional fees, points and additional interest rates.

Points and fees Fees and points will vary immensely from lender to lender. Always, look for hidden fees. Ask any mortgage broker to disclose all fees (loan origination, title transfer, escrow, et cetera). Determine what is charged and what exactly is included in the quoted fee.

Loan application commitment Prior to signing on the mortgage dotted line, ask the lender how long he | she will guarantee the offered interest rate. Obtain all commitments in writing to prevent agreeing to bait and switch mortgage transaction.

Time span for funding the loan application Request the time it will take for the loan to be approved. The loan application process or approval and the funding time should be a key consideration. The reasoning being, a homebuyer should not a prospect for a new home if it is anticipated that the lender will take an extended period to fund a mortgage loan. A lender has the propensity to fund a loan within ten days of its origination.

The reputation of the lender should be another major determining factor. Relying on a lender based on a recommendation, alone is not the best way to choose a mortgage loan provider. Selecting the best loan is achieved when a consumer can trust that the mortgage broker will find a loan that fits their needs.