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Diverting the Worries of Home Loan Financing

The top loan considerations for consumers entail: avoiding predatory lenders, worrying about the passage of the loan application and securing the lowest interest rate. Are there other considerations a loan shopper should be weary of in their loan decision? Aside from comparing the fees and charges detailed on ‘The Truth in Lending’ disclosure, are there any other considerations a mortgage loan shopper should focus on?

Are there any long-term consequences a consumer should be concerned while shopping for the perfect mortgage loan? If you’re of the type of consumer who does not want to be hit with any unexpected mortgage loan circumstances, the answers are yes, yes and yes.

Reading all the details in regular and fine print is another critical aspect of making an optimal mortgage loan decision. All mortgage loan information, regardless of how it impacts the financing of a mortgage is equivocally critical. As ‘The Truth in Lending’ disclosure details there are other considerations, aside from one’s credit standing, that, though informative and pertinent, do NOT impact the cost of acquiring a mortgage loan.

There are a number of other considerations a consumer should make prior to finalizing their loan decision. As defined in the Truth In Lending disclosure, it a consumer has the right to ask about any long-term consequences that may be associated with a loan. The considerations include the following mortgage financing features:

• The total sales price of the transaction
• Any down payment
• Prepayment policies or penalties
• Late payment policies or penalties
• Security interests acquired by the lender
• Insurance requirements, including credit life, accident, loss-of-income, health,
• The lending institution’s assumption policy

In summation, ‘The Truth in Lending’ Act or as also referred to ‘Regulation Z’ was devised for the protection-of the American consumer. It is beneficial for any mortgage loan consumer to familiarize themselves with ‘Regulation Z’ and know it like any other mandatory legislation. The informed consumer is always in a position to make a better, more informed mortgage loan decision.