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What mortgage matches your home buying style? It’s a subjective question that depends on many facets of your home purchase. Determining an ideal mortgage financing product is a challenging feat. With a variety of loan flavors, varying interest rates and varying term spans, the answer can be found in facilitating a brief amount of research.

FACT: Moderate mortgage loan research can save the average consumer thousands of dollars.

Numerous mortgage and home refinancing loans contain certain fundamentals. The analysis of the elements may depict a certain type of loan. Each loan or refinance should be approached by comparing the pros and cons. Use the following to determine the mortgage loan that matches your home buying style:

Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate The length of time you plan to remain residing on the property will determine which loan application is the best. For example, if your are planning only to stay in a home for less than seven years or less, an adjustable rate loan maybe the best option. If you are not planning on moving for another twenty years to life, a fixed rate mortgage may be right for you.

A homebuyer’s risk threshold should be a second consideration in home or refinancing a loan. For the buyer who prefers to know their precise monthly payment for the term of the loan financing, a fixed rate mortgage will be the ideal option. Yet, on the downside, the stability of the fixed rate loan is accompanied by a higher interest rate. For the mortgage consumer willing to impart a few risks in interest rate fluctuations, an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) starts out with an initially lower interest rate.

Balloon ARM. Salary and an income forecast are essential to making the best mortgage decision. For instance, if a home buyer plans to see a gradual or dramatic inflation in their income over the upcoming years, a graduated payment mortgage may be the best option for you.

Down payment. The more down payment, the lower monthly payments can be and a better interest rate. Moreover, maintaining higher monthly payments can shorten the term of the loan and reduce the term in which the loan needs to be paid off down to a 15-year span, as opposed to a 30-year term.

A person buying a new home must not forget about the closing costs, in addition to, the down-payment. Hypothetically, where the homebuyer does not have cash put aside for the upfront costs, a higher monthly payment or interest rate will be instituted. An alternative to lowering the monthly obligation, a homebuyer can opt for an adjustable rate mortgage.

‘The Truth in Lending Act’ (Regulation Z) is a component of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The objective of the Acts promotes the informed utilization of American consumers’ credit by mandating disclosures regarding credit costs and terms. In the past, consumers were not entitled to precisely compare, comprehend or analyze terms of credit and the various services costs of financing from various lending institutions.