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The Ways Interest Impacts a Home Loan

During the initial payment stage of the mortgage loan equation, not much money is allocated to the principle of the loan. The first payments go toward the interest of the loan opposed to the principal of the loan. For example, out of an initial payment of $1,600, only ten to 20 dollars goes towards paying off the principal of the loan. As a result, the rest is interest. It takes several years before a homeowner will make significant payments to the principal. Within 12 years of the 30-year mortgage, the payments to principal and interest are approximately equivalent. For the homeowner considering a refinance, calculate how much of the mortgage remittance has been paid in interest. If the homeowner’s payments have made a substantial dent in the principal, starting over with a new refinance loan is tantamount to paying more in interest.

The best way to approach shopping for a refinance mortgage is to comparison shop. Evaluating several mortgage banks and lending institutions to determine which deals are available. The advantage of shopping for a mortgage via a mortgage broker can help a consumer shop around for the lowest interest rate.

Another point of interest when shopping to refinance a loan, ask a plethora of questions. Caution is advised to make sure that the mortgage is not a ‘bait and switch’ type of loan. A prevalent ‘bait and switch’ tactics is when a mortgage broker secures the homeowner’s business by promising a good deal and stating that the loan was unapproved by a particular lender. Moreover, experts always recommend getting a written list of all fees. Then confirm that the list of closing to ensure that there are not any extra charges. Finally, verify that all the totals are accurate. For example, make sure that the latest mortgage payment has been credited against the total loan amount.