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Extenuating Loan Application Considerations

If you’re not one of the 62 million Americans who paid by salary or a full-time hourly rate, there are certain considerations you should take before shopping around for a mortgage and being approved in the loan application process.

For commissioned American employees, a mortgage loan application may be a little tricky, if you switch jobs before buying a home. Especially, if a substantial percentage of the annual income is obtained from commissions, a mortgage consumer should not make a career move prior to the purchase of a new home. Mortgage brokers and loan officers calculate income based on the average of the commission income over the course of the current and previous year, a total of two years.

Lending institutions perceive a change in employment as an indicator of an uncertain future in earnings assessed in commissions. In other words, it imposes insufficient track-record to calculate an average. Even though, a commissioned mortgage consumer maybe selling a similar product with basically the equivalent commission structure, an underwriter cannot be confident that prior earnings will accurately depict future income. In essence, changing jobs may negatively impair your loan application ability to purchase that new dream home.

Moreover, if a vast portion of a mortgage loan shoppers’ income is derived from bonuses, accepting a new job offer should be postponed. Simply put, if you are shopping for a home loan financing, you might consider putting the brakes on making a job change before your loan application is approved.

While your bonus may make-up a substantial percentage of your income, a mortgage lender will very rarely calculate future bonuses as income. The one consideration is that if you have been holding the same position for a minimum of two years and can demonstrate proven income from the bonuses then the average of the bonuses of income may be calculated over the last two years.