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Adjustable Rates

Consumers can become confused upon beginning to research the mortgage loan market. They may feel they do not have the knowledge they need to make informed choices, or they might think they do not have the time to do the necessary research. Remember, knowledge is a powerful thing.

One confusing concept relative to mortgage loans is the idea of an “adjustable rate”. You can use an online mortgage calculator to help see how choosing an adjustable rate mortgage loan might affect your monthly payment.

An adjustable rate mortgage loan is different than the traditional fixed rate mortgage loan in a key way. The latter has an interest rate that never changes throughout the life of the loan. The former, however, “pegs” its interest rate to a certain index, such as for example the one maintained for Treasury securities, so the interest rate for the loan changes periodically. The specific time frame and the range in which the interest rate can fluctuate vary depending on the situation and the terms of the particular loan. Make sure you understand all these variables before you sign any documents.

An online mortgage calculator is a good way to see what the impact will be on your monthly payment if and when the interest rate on your adjustable rate loan changes. Think carefully before choosing this type of loan. Remember, not knowing exactly what your payment will be each month can make financial planning and budgeting more difficult. Also, some institutions will offer an attractive rate at the beginning of the loan period that is not a realistic indication of the rate you can expect later. Be careful to choose a reputable lending entity.