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How Much Can I Borrow?

Taking out a mortgage loan is a big step. Potential homeowners want to make sure that they are shopping for a house that it is in their price range. One way to figure out if you are looking at properties that fit with your budget is by doing some research even when you are just at the stage of casually “checking out” properties online or in the newspaper.

Many web sites offer online mortgage calculators that will provide some parameters as to around how much you are qualified to borrow. You will be prompted to enter information about the mortgage loan you are considering applying for, such as the duration and the interest rate. You will also need to enter information into the mortgage calculator about your credit card debt and any other monthly payments you make, such as on a car loan. The tax and insurance costs associated with the mortgage loan can also be taken into account if available. Note: Your real estate agent can be a good source for information about these expenses.

Once these numbers have been entered, the mortgage calculator will generate a rough estimate of the dollar amount you can plan to qualify for. Remember, this figure is just a guideline, not a guarantee that your loan application will be approved. Many factors influence the mortgage loan process, including income verification, your credit history, your employment history and the loan program under which you are applying.

However, the information provided by a mortgage calculator is a good way to start thinking about how much you can reasonably expect to be able to borrow. Remember, an informed consumer gets the most favorable results.