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For those new to the process of shopping for a home mortgage loan, the internet has become both a practically invaluable resource and a predator laden jungle filled with scams and misinformation. Though many other sites may appear to offer a number of the informational resources and tools that consumerıs will find collected here - few will contain the simple recommendation to buyers that before embarking upon a process as complicated as either finding then buying a new home or searching for the right lending institution, loan broker, mortgage plan and interest rates to suit their families particular needsıthey first take the time necessary to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the workings and terminology of the industry from which theyıll be seeking approval for a home-loan of one kind or another. In contrast, from this page, weıll be trying to take our visitors through a series of admittedly brief guides to the various mortgage-loan calculators available online, what they can expect in the way of monthly payments and interest rates, their renting versus buying options, give a few tips to help determine how much you and yours can afford to pay for the new home youıve set your sites on, provide just a few more warnings directed at the kinds of lending institutions your family will want to steer clear during the search for the broker thatıs right for you and to help you get the most for your money once youıve chosen a lender as well as a guide or two designed to give you a few ideas about where else to look for the information youıll need to become a well informed prospective new homeowner.

Online Mortgage Calculators How Much Can I Borrow?
Monthly Payments Locking In Your Rate
Interest Rates Choosing a Lender
Rent vs. Buy Who Should Take Out a Mortgage Loan
Types of Mortgage Calculators The FHA
How Much Can I Afford? Adjustable Rates
Interest Rates and monthly payment The Duration of the Loan
Down Payment  


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