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Given that there are currently well-over seven trillion dollars worth of outstanding mortgage loans held by US lenders, itıs no surprise that a casual glance over the terrain of available lender-options can cause a typical first time new-home shopper to feel more than a little-bit overwhelmedıespecially by the questions that variety necessarily gives rise to . . . Which companies are the major players in the mortgage-loan-market and how precisely do they operate? How are the topography and history of the lending industry going to affect your particular search for a quality broker and an affordable interest rate? Are there actually non-predatory mortgage institutions dedicated to servicing consumers with a less-than-perfect credit history? What role will various federal regulations play in both the approval process and more importantly in protecting your family from potentially unscrupulous loan practices? Is the secondary mortgage market right for your particular loan needs? How can I spot a predatory lending institution and which business practices actually separate the good from the bad? Which financial services that youıll require are mortgage-loan-companies generally in the business of providing? Can you trust an online loan company and what exactly can you expect from one? What kinds of criteria should you be using to choose both a mortgage-broker and a lending-house thatıs right for you? If youıre looking to invest in rather than make use of the services of a Mortgage Company, what do you need to know about them? Since mortgage brokers are basically commissioned sales professionals, what should you be looking for as you go through the process of deciding whether or not to do business with one? Well, from this page, weıll take visitors through our series of articles designed to answer all of the above questions and perhaps a few more.

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