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If you’re a new-comer to the arduous process involved in the purchase of either a condominium or new home and the accompanying search the kind of mortgage-lender whose services you’ll need to employ to do so affordably—then you probably have at least a few of the questions we’ve laid out this portion of our site to try and answer on your mind . . . What would be the most effective way for you to be going about purchasing your new home? Which strategies will do the best job of helping you save on the closing-cost of your particular mortgage loan? What are the flat out do’s and don’ts of the mortgage shopping marketplace and how exactly are you going to proceed in order to wind up qualifying for the lowest rate loan? Are all home loans created more-or-less equal or are there some mortgage structures better suited than others to meeting a families’ particular need and what exactly are the distinctions between the various models? What is a new-home-mortgage-loan really going to end up costing you at the end of day and why will it add up that way? How do the various federal regulations designed to provide for “Truth-in-Lending” actually work to protect consumers and what specific rights do consumers like you have as a result of them? What are the essential APR differences between the rate-structures of GPM and ARM mortgage loans? Once you’ve found a home you’d like to make an offer on, what conditions should you expect to be involved in agreeing upon the precise circumstances of sale? What exactly does a closing entail and how should you go about the process? . . . From this page, we’ll be taking your family through a set of essays that’ll answer all of your questions from above and a two or three more besides.

Purchasing a Home Loan Costs
Saving Money on Mortgage APR, ARM and GPM
Federal Laws Purchasing Agreement
Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts The Closing
Your Rights Interest Rate Buydowns
Qualifying for a Mortgage Your Buying Power
Choosing the Right Loan for You Mortgage Terminology
Fixed vs. Adjustable Mortgages