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Early Payoff Calculator

Many people settle on a mortgage with a longer term when they first purchase their home. This is often because longer term mortgages, such as those with 30-year terms, reduce monthly payments by spreading payment amounts over a longer period of time.

However, later on in their term, many people often wish to pay off their mortgage earlier than stipulated. Some reasons for the change of mind may include: they don’t want to wait as long to own their home outright and | or they don’t want to have to pay extra money in interest payments for those additional years. Often their incomes have increased and they can afford to pay more each month than they could when they first acquired their loan.

One solution to this dilemma is refinancing. You can refinance to a shorter term loan and possibly get a lower rate, depending on the market. However, if the market is not good for refinancing, you can always add extra money to your payments each month to achieve early payoff on your mortgage.

Online early payoff calculators help you determine exactly how much extra money you would need to pay each month to payoff your loan in a specified time period. Most of these calculators act simply by requiring you to put in some basic information then providing you with the amount.

For example, a calculator would want to know your original loan amount, your loan’s term, your current interest rate, the number of months you have paying on the loan, and the amount of time you want to pay the loan off in. The calculator would then respond by telling you what your current payments are, how much you should add to these payments, and how much your new total payments will be.

These calculators are very useful in specifying an extra monthly amount needed for those seeking to hasten the payoff on their loan.