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New-comers to the serious business of searching the lending markets for a well-structured, low-interest-rate home mortgage loan with affordable closing costs—will find that the world-wide-web has quickly become both a genuinely indispensable consumer-resource and a predatory jungle teeming with outright scams and a rather surprising amount of purposefully misleading information. If you have anything in common with your fellow first-time mortgage shoppers, it’s probably that the questions you’re asking yourself following an initial online mortgage researching experience are pretty much the same as theirs . . .

Are web-based mortgage calculators a valuable tool or another waste of your time? What are the types of rate calculators are available online and can any of them help you to comparison shop more effectively for the right kind of loan? Since the entire web obviously can’t be trusted, which kinds of loan calculators should you be especially wary of? Where else can you find web-sites devoted to providing mortgage information to consumers rather than to sales and how can you tell the difference between them? What do you need to know about the web to make sure you’re steering clear of those predatory mortgage lending sites and specifically what kinds of home lending sites are there? How should you go about using the services of an on-line mortgage loan-broker? Are there any good general rules or guidelines to go by when purchasing your mortgage online and what are the most likely pitfalls of loan shopping on the web going to be? Can the internet help you shop for lower-interest-rates on a loan or only for lending institutions and brokers and what should you be aware of when choosing an online broker to do business with? . . . Well, starting with this page, we will be taking you and yours through the guides we’ve prepared specifically to answer all of your questions from above and perhaps a few you haven’t had time to think of yet.

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