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The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and the way many companies and individuals do business. The real estate market is certainly not immune to the changes caused by online commerce, especially in the area of mortgages.

Mortgage-related content online is at an extremely towering level. A Google search for the term “mortgage” reveals over one hundred million results. While some of these may not actually be sites dedicated to mortgages or related information, the number of mortgage websites still remains incredibly high.

The mortgage-related content online can be divided into a number of groups. The first of these is mortgage articles and information. Many sites have a wealth of articles explaining how mortgages work, different types of mortgages, the ins and outs of refinancing, how credit affects mortgages, and how to shop and apply for mortgages. Due to the Internet, there is an unprecedented amount of raw information on mortgages available to the average consumer.

Similarly, many sites also contain up-to-date information on rates and market trends. This makes it easy for amateur analysts to keep up with what is going on in the market, giving them information that might affect their mortgage decisions. Websites also provide mortgage calculators, giving people a way to plug in information to calculate payments, compare loans, and, more easily, make additional financial-related decisions.

Finally, the Internet has given consumers a new way to shop for mortgages. They can enter their information online and be contacted almost immediately with a list of lenders who meet their needs to choose from. This is probably the most touted aspect of online lending, but the other, more informational sites, help many consumers become more comfortable with actually shopping online.