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Costs of Processing a Home Loan

Purchasing a home or refinancing a mortgage is bundled into both an exciting and expensive life event. The chances of ever spending the amount of money on any other lifetime investment are nil. The purchase of a new home is not limited to the cost the property alone. Whether it’s a new home purchase or a refinance loan, closing costs should be factored into the total cost of the transaction. Generally, closing costs are devised in three fundamental categories. The costs of obtaining a mortgage or refinance loan include the following:

• The costs of originating the mortgage loan

• Any taxes or fees paid to the city, county and state governments

• A charge for administering the transfer of ownership

The excessive fees associated with the loan application approval and mortgage process maybe difficult to itemize which fee represents which charge. Understanding mortgage fees can assist in calculating and comparing which costs are inflated or extreme. In general, the fees of acquiring a home loan or refinance mortgage may include any of the following charges:

• The loan application fee

• Loan origination fees

• Underwriting and processing fees

• Loan documentation fees

• Prepaid interest

• Inspection fees

• Any property taxes (for county, state government offices and recording fees, and transfer taxes)

The other categories of fees for administering the transfer of ownership include the following fees: the transfer of ownership costs, title insurance, the title search, legal fees, and the fees associated with administering the settlement of the property. An intelligent way to compare refinance and new home loans is by calculating all the fees associated with obtaining the best deal. The objective in getting the best mortgage value entails paying as few fees as possible.