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Signs that You Need a Second Mortgage Loan Opinion

It calls for a second opinion of a different sort. Unlike, the professional recommendations made by a physician, the secondary advice of a new mortgage broker can shed great value in the pursuit of home loan financing. It is something that any savvy consumer should consider when a mortgage lender says that the only chance of acquiring a loan or owning a home is going to cost a high interest rate or price tag.

The following home-buying circumstances necessitate getting secondary advice with regard to the process of attempting to obtain a home loan:

• When the home you are buying is void of any additional amenities or no larger than other homes in the neighborhood but it costs a lot more. That is why it is suggest you research the value of any house you have an interest in making a bid.

• When the loan officer asks you to sign a sales agreement or loan contract that is blank or contains false information.

• When you are informed that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insurance protects you against loan fraud or property defects (which is untrue).

• When the original documentation of the loan or the terms of the closing are different from what was agreed. Prior to signing any loan agreement, be sure to ask for an explanation of all fee costs associated with the mortgage.

• Anytime you are guaranteed that refinancing will automatically remedy any credit or financial challenges, it is an indicator that the lender may be unethical.

• Anytime you are promised that the only place you can obtain the best opportunity in a home improvement is with a specific lender, only.

In summation, anytime a deal to refinance, buy or repair a home seems too unbelievable to be true, it generally is.