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Understanding Fixed Rates

Second mortgage loans are more popular today than ever. In fact, many of the mortgage loans that are taken out in the United States every year are second mortgages. About one out of four American home owners has one.

Because of the increasing demand, lending institutions are making many different types of second mortgage loans available. Some of these loans have a fixed interest rate and other have an adjustable rate.

If you want to make sure that the interest rate associated with your second mortgage loan remains constant throughout the term of the loan regardless of index activity, you should select a fixed rate mortgage. That is the primary advantage of choosing a fixed rate loan over one that has an adjustable rate.

Keep in mind that when you are comparing the interest rate offered an on a fixed rate second mortgage loan with that offered initially on an adjustable rate mortgage loan, the former may often be slightly higher. Remember that adjustable rate mortgage loans often use “teaser” rates to attract consumers.

After the initial period of the loan has expired, the interest rate charged can, and often does, go up. Make sure your comparison is taking into account the whole picture, not just the beginning of the loan period.

If you are a very risk-adverse consumer who wants to protect yourself against market interest rate fluctuations and make your monthly budgeting easier, a fixed rate second mortgage loan may be a good choice. As your home is the collateral for the mortgage loan, you want to make absolutely sure you are able to afford the monthly payment, regardless of which financing method you choose.