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High-Interest Debt: A Way Out

With credit so readily available in today’s market, it is no wonder that many consumers find themselves in trouble with their credit card bills. As introductory rates expire and balances balloon, many home owners find themselves unable to make more than the minimum payment each month. This kind of debt elimination strategy is not effective.

Taking out a second mortgage loan can be an effective way to stop having to pay interest rates that can range as high as 15 per cent or more. Many consumers have not just a few, but several high balance, high interest credit card accounts. No one sets out to go into debt, but unfortunately the number of Americans doing so has continued to soar in recent years. While the cause of the problem can probably be attributed to a variety of factors, the solution for many consumers is to take out a lower interest, tax friendly second mortgage.

Taking out a second mortgage loan on your home is a big decision, and not something to be done lightly. But it is not difficult to see the advantage of making one payment at an interest rate of around five per cent or even lower, rather than paying 15 per cent interest on your debt and having to make several monthly minimum balance payments that do not even begin to put a dent in what you owe.

For many consumers, taking out a second mortgage loan as a strategy to deal with high interest debt is also a good idea from a tax standpoint. Though everyone’s situation differs, many consumers are able to deduct the interest costs of their second mortgage loan.