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The Monthly Payment and Debt Consolidation

For someone who is getting a second mortgage loan because they want to consolidate high interest credit card debt, their ability to make the monthly payment on this additional loan is often not as big of a concern as it is for individuals who take out a second mortgage loan because they have to deal with an unexpected expense.

This is because people who use a second mortgage loan as a means to consolidate debt and avoid paying a lot of interest are often already accustomed to making minimum monthly payments on several credit card accounts. These payments often add up to as much or more as the amount the person will be paying on their second mortgage loan every month. In many cases, people in this situation actually save money in their budget every month.

To figure out if getting a second mortgage loan will lower your monthly payment, try using an online mortgage calculator. A quick search will direct you to several web sites that offer them to use free of charge. Input the amount you would like to borrow, the length of time the loan will last, and the interest rate for which you think you might qualify. The calculator will return an approximation of your monthly payment on such a loan.

Now, total up the amount you pay each month on your various credit cards, student loan payments, store accounts, etc. If this amount is significantly lower than the amount you would be paying monthly on a second mortgage loan, taking one out would likely be a money-saving move in more ways than one – saving you cash each month and in the long run.