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  Shopping for a Home Loan American Style
  Home and Refinance Loans by Predatory Lenders – Subprime Loans to Avoid
  The Way Employment Status Affects a Home Loan
  First and Secondary Mortgage Loan Markets
  How The Non-Conforming Loan Differs from the Conforming Loan
  Evading Those Mortgage Loan Blunders
  Behind The Mortgage Loan Scene
  When Credit Errors May Impair Home Loan Approval
  Five Reasons Shopping For an Online Home Loan Outperforms the Traditional
  Diverting the Worries of Home Loan Financing
  Signs that You Need a Second Mortgage Loan Opinion
  Six Steps to Home Loan Shopping Intelligence
  Three Fundamentals of the Conforming Loan
  Select a Mortgage Lender to Serve Your Home Loan Needs
  Glitch-Free Home Loan Financing
  Credit Marks That Affect Home Loan Approval
  The Costs of Processing a Home Loan
  Homeownership Has Its Investment and Interest Rate Advantages
  The Home Loans Face-Off Interest Rates
  Home Financing Devised by Interest Rates
  Home Financing Beyond a Low Interest Rate
  Accelerating The Quest for a Low Interest Rate
  Mortgage Loans and Interest Rates Protected By The Truth In Lending
  The Ways Interest Impacts A Home Loan
  Other Adjustable Rate Mortgage Interest Terms
  20-Mortgage Interest Terms any Home Loan Consumer Should Know
  Credit Q and A
  Home Loans and The Consumer Credit Protection Act
  Demystifying Your Credit and Debt-to-Income Ratio
  Credit History – The Focus of Home Loan Approval
  Credit and FICO Scores
  Mortgage and Employment Credit Reports
  Blemished Credit and the Pursuit of a Low Interest Rate
  How to Maintain Mortgage Credit Worthiness in the Quest of a Loan
  Upping Your Credit Score For Finance-Ability
  Your Credit, Your Debt and Home Loans
Loan Application Process  
  Post Loan Application Process - Pre-Closing Steps
  Extenuating Loan Application Considerations
  Understanding Those Pesky Loan Application Processing Fees
  Mortgage Consumer Beware: Loan Application Garbage Fees
  Who Are the Allies During the Loan Application Approval Process?
  The Difference between Pre-Qualification and Pre-Loan Application Approval
  The Good Faith Estimate Aspect of the Loan Application Process
  Loan Application Process Tips and Tricks
  Where to Begin the Loan Application Process
  Factors That Impact the Loan Application Process
  Four Fatal Flaws of the Loan application process
Refinance Loans  
  Home Financing and Refinance Loan Rights
  Match Your Money Personality to the Best Mortgage or Refinance Loan
  The Profile of A Refinance Loan
  Refinancing Options
  Cutting Costs to Refinance a Home Loan
  The Consumer Credit Protection Act and the FICO Score
  Home Loans and Refinance Loan Jargon
  Home and Refinance Loan Credit Facts and Stats
  The Advantages of a Home Refinance Loan
  Timing a Refinance Loan
  Home and Refinance Loans by Predatory Lenders – Loans to Avoid

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Bad Credit Mortgage
  Overview of Bad Credit Mortgage
  Buying a Home with Bad Credit
  The Bad Credit Mortgage Process
  Getting an Equity Mortgage with Bad Credit
  Debt Consolidation Mortgage with Bad Credit
  Contract for Deed
  Subprime Lenders
  Evaluating a Subprime Lender
  Credit Reporting Agencies
  Credit Scoring
  Improving Your Credit Score
  What the Mortgager Wants You to Do/Have
  Fixing Your Credit
  Credit Repair Agencies
  Private Mortgage Insurance
  The Three “C’s”
  Protect Your Hard-Earned Credit Rating
  Bad Credit Scams
  What to Watch Out For
  Beyond Credit Reporting Agencies—ChexSystems
Mortgage Calculator  
  Online Mortgage Calculators
  Monthly Payments
  Interest Rates
  Rent vs. Buy
  Types of Mortgage Calculators
  How Much Can I Afford?
  Interest Rates and monthly payment
  Down Payment
  How Much Can I Borrow?
  Locking In Your Rate
  Choosing a Lender
  Who Should Take Out a Mortgage Loan
  The FHA
  Adjustable Rates
  The Duration of the Loan
Mortgage Companies  
  How They Work
  Mortgage Companies and Information Technology
  The Thrift Crisis and the RTC
  Bad Credit Mortgage Companies
  Fannie and Freddie
  Privacy and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Compliance
  Secondary Mortgage Companies
  Predatory Lending
  Online Mortgage Companies
  Laws Governing Mortgage Companies
  Services Provided by Mortgage Companies
  Selecting a Mortgage Company
  The Mortgage Industry for Investors
  Fraudulent Mortgage Schemes and Scams
  Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Quote  
  Purchasing a Home
  Saving Money on Mortgage
  Federal Laws
  Mortgage Do’s and Don’ts
  Your Rights
  Qualifying for a Mortgage
  Choosing the Right Loan for You
  Fixed vs. Adjustable Mortgages
  Loan Costs
  APR, ARM and GPM
  Purchasing Agreement
  The Closing
  Interest Rate Buydowns
  Your Buying Power
  Mortgage Terminology
Online Mortgages  
  Mortgage Calculators
  Loan Comparison Calculators
  Pre-qualifying Calculators
  Monthly Payment Calculators
  Early Payoff Calculators
  Refinance Calculators
  Amortization Tables
  Online Calculator Cautions
  Mortgage Information sites
  Lending site Types
  Online Mortgage Difficulties
  Online Mortgage Purchasing Tips
  More Online Purchasing Tips
  Online Mortgage Pitfalls
  More Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them
  Mortgage Shopping Style
  Shopping for Rates
  Using Online Brokers
  Online Mortgage Leads
Second Mortgage Loan  
  What is a Second Mortgage?
  Why Take Out a Second Mortgage?
  Is a Traditional Second Mortgage Right For You?
  Is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) Right For You?
  Preparing Your Credit
  Preparing to Apply
  Understanding Fixed Rates
  Understanding Adjustable Rates
  Shopping for a Lender
  Locking in a Favorable Rate
  Understanding Points
  High-Interest Debt: A Way Out
  Paying for College: Make the Dream Come True
  Home Renovation: Can You Afford It?
  Using the Internet to Research Your Second Mortgage/HELOC
  The Monthly Payment Comparison
  An Affordable Monthly Payment
  Private Mortgage Insurance
  HELOCs and Monthly Payments
  The Role of the Loan Officer