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Upping Your Credit Score for Finance-Ability

When a consumer is faced with the challenge of paying bills or stocking more money away in their savings which is the winner? According to mortgage experts, paying off more debt to streamline a credit rating while bringing less money to the closing table is the optimal choice.

The objective of improving a credit score and paying off more debt with less cash on hand for the closing can allow for a larger mortgage. Simultaneously, it enables the borrower to replace a non tax-deductible and high-interest rate debt with a condensed lower-rate mortgage debt. In essence, paying off more debt before acquiring a new home loan will allow the benefit of deductible interest.

The recent trend in the mortgage industry is demonstrating that more consumers are putting less equity into their homes. Regardless, if the mortgage loan transaction is for the purchase of a new home or a refinance transaction, Americans are borrowing more against their homes and then paying off other debts.

For the consumer in quest of a mortgage, it is best to postpone incurring additional financial obligations or applying for new credit cards, it is best to obtain mortgage loan approval first. Critically, an excessive number of credit inquiries in the way of credit cards, can impair a borrower's credit scoring. Specifically, inquiries filed prior to the months of a home loan application process may hurt the mortgage approval.

Another way a consumer can mortgage loan ready the approval process is by increasing the down payment. The higher the down payment the better a consumer has for qualifying for a low interest rate; especially if they remit monthly debt payments in a timely fashion. An important note to consider when pining away for a new home is to place savings into a non-volatile account.

For example, an individual stock is not an ideal place to save money if you plan on using the money for a new home purchase. Remember to evaluate money market and other savings accounts that provide a reasonable rate of return.