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Our network of mortgage experts are here to help you every step of the way - whether it's finding a broker or agent who can cater to your needs or providing advice on how to handle difficult situations such as being self-employed or having a low credit score. Our brokers are experienced professionals with over 10 years in the industry - they know all there is about mortgages!

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We're committed to deliver the smartest choices in financial solutions. Our expert mortgage brokers will work with you to find the right mortgage for your needs.
As a mortgage lender in Calgary, we have access to all the major lenders in Canada with one easy application. We’ll help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.
Service With A Smile
We know it can be stressful shopping for a mortgage. That's why we offer friendly and helpful service as part of our commitment to help you make the best financial decision for you and your family.
The Mortgage Hound is a locally owned and operated company that provides the best service to its customers. The company has been in business since 2001, and strives to maintain the integrity of its staff and the quality of the services it offers.
A Trusted Partner From Start To Finish
We're committed to help you every step of the way, from your first consultation all the way up until your loan is approved and closed. We'll help you navigate paperwork, file documents, and answer any questions you may have along the way.
If you're considering how to finance your next home purchase or refinance your current mortgage, a professional mortgage broker in Calgary can help. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss your options.
Knowledgeable expert advice
You can always count on our professional advice; we are committed to providing knowledgeable expert advice, ensuring you're fully informed and prepared when making your decision.

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Award-Winning Service

Mortgage Hound is the number one place for Calgary mortgage brokers and agents to work with their clients, who are looking for the best mortgages in Calgary.

With years of experience in the mortgage industry and a team of experts standing by, the MORTGAGE HOUND can help you find the Right Mortgage for your situation.

Expert advice, years of experience, and professionalism

We have helped thousands of people take their first step in buying their home. We've been on this journey with them, and we know what it takes to make it happen! We're not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, whether it's good or bad.

Find a Calgary mortgage broker with Mortgage Hound. Our brokers have a range of expertise to help you find the best mortgage for your needs.
If you're looking for a Calgary mortgage broker, contact the experts at Mortgage Hound. We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market, and we'll work closely with you to ensure that you get the best mortgage possible.

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We offer free consultations and are open 7 days a week so that we can make sure your needs are met as quickly as possible. Put our expertise to work for you!

What keeps us going?

It's knowing that we've helped people just like you find their dream homes. It's the feeling of accomplishment when we watch someone sign the papers for their new house - knowing that our hard work has finally paid off!